SPIRIT Peers for Independence and Recovery is a registered California 501(c)3 not for profit corporation. Our Tax I.D. is #82-0546046.

Our organization couldn’t survive without the generous gifts from our supporters and community. Please consider making a one-time donation, or make it monthly to see your gift go further.

What your donation buys:

$10-$100 (or more):
– Personal toiletries, toothbrushes, soap, wash cloths (continually supplying participants with items for personal care)
– Craft supplies, beading supplies, clay, etc. (getting creative can be the first step out of negative patterns)

– 6 pairs of underwear

– 1 dozen pairs of socks (our most asked-for item)
– Music maintenance, strings, power cords, etc.
– 10 pounds of coffee (a one month supply)

– 100 hot showers
– A portion of water, heat, and power that makes the Center a comfortable environment to learn, recover, grow, thrive

– 150 bus passes (transportation to appointments, job interviews, and other essential services)

– Deepening the training for Peer Support staff in essential skills like empathy and communication

$500 (or more):
– Covers a host of things including more expensive trainings and unanticipated opportunities and challenges